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Sep 25 ’14

WDL+TPS @ ATX Midwest in Chicago, Illinois

Our USA distributor, WDL Systems, will be attending the ATX Midwest in Chicago, Illinois (Oct. 15 & 16).

They will also be offering show-floor-only special price on the TPS2L Starter Kit, don’t miss this chance!

Below are images from the just ended North Carolina ATX show.

May 15 ’14

Here’s a video of how the Tibbit #17 is controlling a LED strip, pretty colors!

May 14 ’14

New Tibbits offer PWMs, ADCs, UART, and more

We’ve just released these new Tibbits:

  • #16: Three PWM channels with open collector outputs
  • #17: Three PWM channels with power outputs
  • #31: PIC co-processor TIbbit with 3 PWMs, 4 ADCs, I/O, UART

All three Tibbits are controlled through the I2C interface and based on the PIC16F1824 microcontroller. We have developed a universal PIC firmware called General Register Access (GRA). This firmware can be used to access and work with internal PIC’s peripherals, RAM, and flash. You can use the GRA firmware as is, modify it in any way you like, or develop your own PIC application.

Reference Tibbo Basic projects are published here:

Related projects are:

  • test_tibbits_17_17_31_(PIC copro) — a Tibbo BASIC test app
  • update_pic_firmware — for uploading new firmware into Tibbits 16,17,31
  • GRA — source code for the PIC micro itself

Apr 11 ’14

VSPDL Updated!

It’s been a while since the last update and with Linux kernel advancing as always, we felt it was time to make sure that our VSPDL will work on the new distros.

The newly released VSPDL 1.48 has been tested to work on 3.8 ~ 3.12 kernels, you can grab it from here on our official website.

Mar 18 ’14

When DS1101, Serial Camera and Android come together

Our partner in Israel, IDP, came up with another interesting use of DS1101. Connected is a RS232 camera which is controlled through Android application, static images are sent back from the camera and additional controls are managed in the Android application.

Mar 18 ’14

New Tibbits released

Folks, the following Tibbits are now available:

  • #12: +/-15V power supply
  • #13: Four-channel ADC with -10V ~ +10V range
  • #14: Four-channel DAC with -10V ~ +10V range
  • #28: Ambient light sensor
  • #29: Ambient temperature meter
  • #30: Ambient humidity meter
  • #35: Barometric pressure sensor
  • #36: 3-axis accelerometer

All these Tibbits are controlled through an I2C interface. Reference Tibbo Basic projects are published here:

Feb 10 ’14

Official Tibbo Project System app is now available

We’ve just released a demo application for our Tibbo Project System devices. The application allows you to control the I/O lines and serial ports of TPP2 and TPP3 boards.

A very simple set of hardware is minimally required for the tests, yet the application itself is sufficient for working with various Tibbits such as relays, sensor inputs, and so on.

The application demonstrates how to control your TPS system via the DS Manager utility, through the web interface, and the AggreGate Server. The Demo also supports the LCD and keypad of TPS2L devices.

Jan 29 ’14

TPS is gaining more exposure!

Yesterday, we had a post about our Greek distributor pushing forward with our Tibbo Project System and today we bring to you RFDesign, a company out of Cape Town, South Africa which believe in our new system so much that they had placed an advertisement in the November issue of EngineerIT, which you can checkout on their online magazine section.

We are very excited with all the positive feedback that we have had since product launch and we appreciate all the ideas and feedback that will help the Tibbo Project System to evolve and expand.

Jan 28 ’14

TPS in Greek

Elnetron, our Greek distributor is running on full power to present their local market with our new Tibbo Project System.

You can download their product overview in Greek language here or visit their website for more information.

Jan 20 ’14

Controlling Tibbo devices via Android

As smart mobile devices are playing a larger part in our everyday life, integration with other devices is an inevitability.

Our distributor in Israel, IDP, is starting a new service for their customer, Android based control application which can be custom designed to work with various products that were designed based around Tibbo’s hardware.

Customers can designate what type of Android based device they wish to run the application, from smart phones to tablets and how the user interface looks.

Below are two images of their “lighting control application”, one from a tablet and the other from a smart phone.

Also, you can download the APK from their site.