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Feb 23 ’12

Woah, Check Out That Antenna!

That’s right: Our “DS1000" family of BASIC-programmable industrial controllers has just gotten bigger with the addition of Wi-Fi and GPRS-enabled DS101x devices! The new wireless interfaces expand the range of potential DS101x applications, and also improve reliability of your industrial control solutions. Ethernet is out? Just switch over to Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi’s dead, too? Okay, there’s always GPRS! A DS101x controller may not help you in case of a zombie apocalypse, but with its rugged casing and multiple connectivity options, it will hold up against many other troubles in the field.

While adding wireless connectivity, DS101x devices preserve all the existing features of the DS100x line. Serial comms? Choose DS1010/2/3. Analog I/O? There is the DS1014. Digital I/O is covered by the DS1015.