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Sep 2 ’12

New Library Configurators

Do you know what our library configurators are? They are JavaScript-based editors for library configuration files.

Those familiar with Tibbo BASIC libraries know how we use configuration files. For example, the config file of our settings (STG) library defines settings and their attributes. This in itself is quite nice, but we went further!

Library configurators now mask the config file complexities and offer you a simple, HTML-based interface for editing config files. The difference is quite dramatic!

What you see is gray is the raw text from the config file of the AggreGate library. It’s just a fragment — we didn’t think it was necessary to print the whole thing. Below it is the screenshot of the same displayed in the AggreGate configurator. Need we say more?

To try out new configurators download and “apply “our latest platforms.

AggreGate config file -- raw contents and as seen in the configurator