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Sep 2 ’12

New AggreGate Library published

We’ve been cooking and using this internally for some time… ok, for a very long time. Lo and behold, our official AggreGate library is finally here.

Drop the library into your project, complete several uncomplicated Tibbo BASIC procedures, fill out the configuration file, and voila, your device connects to and exchanges data with the AggreGate server. It just doesn’t get any simpler than that, folks.

New AggreGate library is yet another stepping stone on our path to allowing you “creation by configuration” — our vision of Tibbo BASIC programming environment where actual coding is kept to a necessary minimum and all that’s routine and mundane is accomplished by “pointing and clicking”.

Library documentation includes a nice step-by-step exercise in creating an AggreGate-enabled access control system. The corresponding sample code is here.